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Finally getting a wacom!

2009-04-03 18:39:29 by GrandTheftMario


Saints Awesome.....2?

2009-02-25 22:24:18 by GrandTheftMario

After some massive laziness, Im starting work on Saints Awesome 2. For anyone whos interested, if you have some ideas you think should be in it, write your idea in a post with a little picture to describe it, ( make it in paint or w.e. i dont care) if your to lazy to post a picture, it doesnt matter. if I use em, Ill credit you as a contributer! if not, thats cool too. :D

My new new flash!!!

2009-01-23 15:36:43 by GrandTheftMario

My 5 gum flash is out, check it and vote!!! :3

New flash soon!!

2008-12-04 10:00:28 by GrandTheftMario

Im gonna have a new flash up soon just before christmas, but its not christmassy at all. :p

Next flash!

2008-11-28 10:48:31 by GrandTheftMario

Well, Saints Awesome seems to get fairly well recieved! Thanks to everyone that voted!!! My next flash should be up within the next week, so stay tuned!! :D

OK! so after learning how to animate more than some stick men dancing, I started doing more things with flash and Im going to be submiting some stuff in the next week or s so stay tuned! :)

Its time...

2008-10-02 19:30:18 by GrandTheftMario

Well, it seems that after watching everyone's flashes on Newgrounds for all these years, I find I can't really critisize peoples work when, everyones like, " I dont see you making any flash!" So I decided to start working on my drawing skills and start making some flash videos!!! Yay! Of course there pretty crappy so far, My first one I submited (Austin's Turkey Hunter #1) got blammed and removed like 1 hour after I posted it. But that is to be expected and I must undertake the task of making more than just slow soundless stick men fighting! I look forward to making some better vids and seeing what everyone thinks!